The best way to help your daughter is by guiding her to information and letting her make an informed decision about the baby that is growing inside her. Try to answer the questions you can and guide her to professionals for the questions you don’t have the answers to. Once she has made a decision, do your best to support her. It may be hard, especially if you don’t agree with the decision she has made, but the bottom line is that this is truly her decision.

There are many resources for you and help from qualified adoption professionals to help you with your needs. All the websites listed below provide free support and assistance to pregnant women or others considering adoption.

Through this non-profit 501 (c) 3 foundation, Lifetime Adoption Foundation, your daughter will be able to get help with counseling, maternity clothes and assistance with living expenses as well as educational scholarships to help build the future you want.
pregnancy help
Information about pregnancy options, symptoms, and answers to questions for unexpected pregnancies. Especially good for pregnant teens.
african americna adoptions online

Adoption information and help for black or bi-racial pregnant women.

open adoption
The face of adoption today is far different than just thirty years ago. Adoption is now shared with children from their earliest days. Learn how you can touch the life of someone else through adoption, and how your life in turn may be blessed.
resource 4 women
Is your daughter pregnant? Stressed out? Let her know that she's not alone! We could write a book on facing pregnancy by yourself, but we'd rather just talk to you about your situation and see how we can help you.
East Indian Adoption Confidential adoption services to help provide assistance for East Indian women during an unplanned pregnancy.
16 and pregnant

Has your daughter just learned she is are pregnant? Has she been hiding her pregnancy for a while? We can provide confidential help.

resource 4 women
"I'm pregnant...and I need help!" Confusion, worry, disbelief, panic. A positive pregnancy test can change your life. Get information, learn about choices, and make a plan by contacting us.
I Was Thinking About Adoption: Considering Your Choices
So I Was Thinking About Adoption: Considering Your Choices

Whether you just found out about an unplanned pregnancy or have been considering adoption as an option for some time, you are not alone. Take the time to consider your choices and come to the best decision for you, your child and your situation. Women from all backgrounds, in many different situations have chosen adoption. This book has compassionate answers to your questions.

Free Pregnancy Options Line Call or text 1-800-923-6784
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