• Help her learn how open adoption works. Let her know she can choose:
          • The adoptive family
          • To have ongoing contact, even visits!
          • To determine how things happen in the hospital.
          • To have control over her decision.
    • Work with her to find more information on open adoption. Start with www.OpenAdoption.com

    There are different laws in each state and our staff can help you with a referral in your own state to explain the legal process as well. Normally in all adoptions, the adoptive parents will pay for legal representation for your daughter. We offer private adoptions in which you can keep private from others your adoption and we can help you select an adoptive family if you prefer not to select one yourself. Your daughter has rights and it is important that you have support as well, as her parents.

    If you have questions about how adoption works today, the National Adoption Hotline is a wonderful resource.

    In video below Adoption Expert Mardie Caldwell offers words of encouragement and tips for mothers who've just found out their daughter is pregnant:


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