• Encourage her to determine the reasons for choosing abortion
    • Is it just a quick fix?

      She may say to you "Isn't it easier to just end the pregnancy with an abortion,
      quick and easy?"

      It might seem that way, but be sure you she knows the facts, all of the facts before she makes this decision. Far too many girls have thought that abortion was the quick and easy way to go, only to find themselves haunted by the memories and feelings of abortion for the rest of their lives.

    Consider this, by the end of the second week after conception; the fetus has a developing brain and a heart. This means that the fetus is not part of the mother’s body, but is distinctively separate. The baby can feel pain by the ninth week after conception. The baby can move and kick. Often, in an abortion procedure, the baby will fight the procedure because he can feel it.

    Abortion is not a simple procedure. It may carry serious emotional and physical consequences, and should be considered carefully before a decision is reached to go forward with abortion. Statistics show that a majority of women who have abortions regret their decisions, and often, what was a "quick and easy" procedure is something that sends them spiraling out of control.

    • Discuss the lifelong psychological and possibly physical effects of that decision.
    • Let her know that it is a permanent decision with long-lasting effects.
    • Encourage her to visit websites like www.PregnancyHelpOnline.com

Free Pregnancy Options Line Call or Text 1-800-923-6784
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