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So your daughter has just told you that she is having a baby. After the shock and
anger subside, where do you go next? It is going to be a tough road. Your daughter has a lot of decisions to make and she will probably be coming to you and asking a lot of questions.

Although you may not have the answers your daughter is looking for, please be open to helping her anyway. She may need you to guide her to information sources, or she may just want you to hold her hand. Let her tell you what she needs from you.

Free Pregnancy Options Line Call or Text 1-800-923-6784

Grasping the thought of a pregnancy may be difficult, especially if this was also the first time you learned she was sexually active. You can’t undo what’s been done, but you can discuss the options with your daughter as soon as possible.

Click below to read more about her options and how you can help:

pregnant daughter pregnant daughter pregnant daughter

    The best thing you can do for your daughter during this time is to be supportive. You may feel anger, disappointment, or even depression because of her choices. Now is not the time to express those feelings towards her. What’s done is done and all the tears in the world aren’t going to undo it. Alienating your daughter will only make the situation worse. She needs you now more than ever.

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    daughter was facing an unplanned pregnancy.

    Click below to watch a YouTube video from Mardie Caldwell, Founder and CEO of Lifetime Adoption:


Free Pregnancy Options Line Call or Text 1-800-923-6784
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